Ротационное формование в САПТ
Main PRODUCTION Rotomoulding


Since April 2021, AO “SAPT” has manufactured interior and exterior trims for the motor vehicle industry, as well as plastic containers of various capacity, shape, thickness and colour by rotomoulding. This method means we can make product that is both competitive in terms of price and quality and easy to operate, user-friendly and durable.



The method of manufacturing plastic products by rotation has significant advantages over similar types of production. First, the simplicity of the manufacturing process and its high performance. When ordering in large volumes, the cost of moulds is much lower than injection moulding equipment on injection moulding machines.

The manufacturing process is practically waste free with a high quality end product. Moulds are rapidly produced and repaired. Finished products are in one piece with no visible seams or fixing joints. Product shapes can be significantly larger than those made by other types of polymer casting.

Our company is able to manufacture containers of various types using our tools. These include vertical cylindrical vessels from 200 litres to 10,000 litres, shower tanks 150 litres and 200 litres, dustbins of 240 litres and 360 litres, digestion tanks of 3000 litres, and plastic flowerpots (planters) 880 and 1100 mm high.

Consult out specialists for more details on colour, wall thickness and price.

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Ротационное формование в САПТ