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Mechanical Rubber Goods

Currently, AO “SAPT” produces over 100 types of mechanical rubber goods. These are mainly parts for the motor vehicle industry (bushings, shock absorbers, mats, buffers, radiator gaskets, etc.), agricultural machinery and equipment for processing agricultural products.



Today,Mechanical Rubber Goodsare actively used in industry and everyday life. Many companies often face the challenge of batch production of a particular product. We offer our services for the production of mechanical rubber goods of any batch size at a low price point.

The principal method of manufacturing mechanical rubber goods applied by AO “SAPT” is moulding. Various brands of rubber compounds are used for manufacturing depending on the input requirements.

AO “SAPT” has long standing relationships with suppliers of rubber compounds such as AO “Saransk REZINOTECHNIKA Plant”, AO “Yaroslavl MRG Plant”, OOO “MIR” in Nizhny Novgorod and others.

Each batch of a rubber compound entering our plant undergoes incoming inspection for compliance with the required parameters in its own accredited laboratory. The rubber mixtures are heated on rollers at the preparation site, immediately before launching production. At the same site, blanks for moulded rubber goods are manufactured either on worm presses (by injection) or by cutting strips of rubber mixtures after rolling.

Vulcanisation is performed on hydraulic presses with a locking force of 160 tons to 400 tons. The maximum dimensions of the press heating plates are 1250 × 1250 mm. To increase performance and reduce the cost of manufacturingMechanical Rubber Goods, two 4-level presses equipped with mould reloaders are used.

The Company's tool shop and design department ensure the independent design and fabrication of the equipment necessary for the manufacture of the products according to the customer's drawings, which ultimately allows the final product to be made fast and to a high standard of quality. Our vast experience, highly-qualified personnel make it safe to say that we are able to cope with any challenge.

The shop has a dry and heated warehouse for raw materials and finished products, in which certain types of rubber compounds and products are stored with strict division by zones, which is ultimately also advantageous for high quality products. AO “SAPT” produces high quality

You can order mechanical rubber goods of any design and shape, including products of the most non-standard sizes, and our specialists are ready to make a mould according to your drawings or specification.

AO “SAPT” is a fully-featured Plant of Mechanical Rubber Goods, which means that we are able to perform a full range of works, including the preparation of technical documentation and mould development. Since the whole process is implemented at one site, you do not need to spend time for searching contractors and transporting parts and moulds. We will carry out all the work ourselves.

In addition, SAPT manufactures plastic products, performs nonferrous casting nonferrous casting and offers services for the manufacture of polymeric sheets. Contact our specialists to make an order or get professional advice.