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Occupational Health and Safety

We perform most of our work at industrial facilities. The issues of safety in the workplace are therefore a priority for SAPT, as the Company is responsible for protecting the life and health of its employees. Creation of safe and comfortable working conditions, reduction of occupational injuries are key components of the development strategy.

SAPT allocates significant funds on an annual basis to ensure occupational health and safety.

  • Our principles:
  • The value of human life and health comes before economic results and production achievements. Management at all levels is responsible for ensuring the safety of every employee;
  • Knowledge, understanding and strict observance of safety requirements by each employee;
  • One of the important conditions for safety in the workplace is the awareness and responsibility of employees. SAPT provides continuous staff training and training for the employees of contractors in safe working conditions, existing risks and situations that pose a danger to life and health, as well as in measures to reduce them.
  • Our employees must use approved personal and collective protective equipment, devices and specialist clothing;

Employer Compliance Certificate

The Employer Compliance Certificate is a document that certifies that the Company is listed in the Register of Employers Ensuring Observance of Labour Rights of Employees under the Project “Declaration of Activities of Companies to Implement Labour Rights of Employees and Employers”.

Certificate of conformity