Инжиниринг в САПТ
Main PRODUCTION Engineering


Technical consulting services concerning the development and preparation of the manufacturing process and ensuring production process norms and product sales. 3D scanning, 3D modelling, visualisation, 3D prototyping, 3D milling, manufacturing mould pattern tooling and moulds.

01 — 3D scanning

3D- scanning

The Company’s specialists perform three-dimensional scanning. 3D scanning is a non-contact process of converting the physical form of a real object into a digital form. The result of the process is a three-dimensional model of the object in the form of a file containing information about the object's surface.

02 — 3D modeling

3D- modelling,

The Design Department of the Company design a future product of polymer materials creating a 3D model. 3D modelling of objects is an intermediate stage between the designer's idea, the customer's drawings or the client's wishes and the final product. Our company offers a full range of 3D modelling services for all areas: motor vehicle, construction, and advertising. The result of 3D modelling are files (mathematical models) in common engineering formats

03 — 3D prototyping

3D prototyping

We perform prototyping of specific types of products by 3D printing and volumetric milling methods. A prototype is a finished single made of a composite material that meets the specifications requirements.

04 — 3D milling


We perform milling on 5-coordinate machines. Milling is the process of creating certain predetermined volumetric forms and matrices of a selected material using a milling machine. We use state-of-art high-precision CNC machines with a working area up to 3600x2600x1200mm. Model materials: MDF, plywood, model plastic, textolite.

05 — matrix

Making tooling and matrices

We fabricate tooling and matrices for all types of production:

  • vacuum moulding using MDF, fibreglass, modelling plastic, textolite
  • for fibreglass products using contact (manual) moulding, Flex Moulding infusion, mechanical rubber goods injection (Light mechanical rubber goods).