Литье пластмасс под давлением в САПТ
Main PRODUCTION Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding

This is the most common and advanced plastic processing method that can produce irregular-shaped plastic products. This process is based on the plasticisation (melting) of granular material, which is then injected at high pressure into the mould cavity and compacted at pressure, followed by cooling.



Plastic injection moulding process is implemented using injection moulding machines (IMM) to release products of various plastics (ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, PMMA), various composites.

The benefits of plastic injection moulding include: high performance, high accuracy of products obtained, the ability to manufacture products of a very complex geometric shape, the ability to manufacture reinforced products, foaming plastic parts, etc. In addition, in large-scale production, products obtained by this process are characterised by a low price point compared to other methods of manufacturing plastic products. Plastics processing by this method is a real opportunity for any business to ensure a low production cost.

Currently,AO “SAPT” manufactures a variety of products by plastic injection moulding: car interior and exterior parts, medical products, lighting components, advertising products and consumer goods among others.

Injection moulding machines with mould locking force from 100 to 2400 tons
are used at this Plant. In addition, this Plant has a section for the cutting, assembly and ultrasonic welding of products obtained by injection moulding.

Литье пластмасс под давлением в САПТ

The Plant is has a set of additional and auxiliary equipment for plastics processing (dryers, automatic feeding machines for raw materials, temperature controllers, plastics shredders, water cooler) that enables the manufacture of high-quality products, as well as operating moulds and the main equipment in a way that ensures their minimum wear and extends the period of uninterrupted operation.

The Company's own tool shop and design department ensure the prompt repair of moulds. In addition, AO “SAPT” has worked for a long time with several companies engaged in the fabrication of tooling of the highest quality and within the shortest possible time-frames, which is greatly beneficial in the preparation for manufacturing new products.

Moulds are kept after work has been completed and stored in a warm, dry room with the required microclimate.

The Procurement Department of AO “SAPT” cooperates with all major suppliers of materials, dyes, additives for this Plant. This enables the selection and delivery of various materials at the consumer’s request within the shortest possible time-frame.

The shop is provided with a dry and heated warehouse for raw materials and finished products, in which certain types of materials and parts are stored with strict division by zones, which is also advantageous for the release of high quality products.

AO “SAPT” is a fully-equipped plastics processing plant which also performs metal casting and manufactures rubber and high quality polymeric products. Our Company owns production facilities and has reliable suppliers of raw materials, which guarantees the prompt and high-quality execution of all orders.